Omar Pleads Guilty in Mosque Attack

Brampton (Ontario) – July 19, 2023 – Today, in the Ontario Superior Court, Mohammed Omar pleaded guilty to the following three criminal offences that also constitute terrorist activity:

  1. Administering a noxious thing (bear spray) with intent to danger life or cause bodily harm, contrary to s.245(1)(a);
  2. Assault with a weapon (hatchet), contrary to s.267(a); and
  3. Mischief to religious property with the motivation of bias, prejudice, or hate based on religion, contrary to section 430(4.1).

In an Agreed Statement of Facts filed with the Court, Mr. Omar admitted that on March 19, 2022, he entered the Dar Al-Tawheed Islamic Centre armed with a hatchet and bear spray with the intent to kill the congregants who were praying inside. Mr. Omar was motivated by a hateful ideology, and the attack was aimed at intimidating a segment of the public (Muslim Canadians). Interviews with Mr. Omar as well of a search of his computer revealed that he planned the attack over the course of a year, and had thought of other ways to commit his attack. He attempted to obtain a firearm but was unsuccessful.

After his arrest, he made statements to the police expressing his hatred for Muslims, and his disappointment at having failed to inflict any real harm on the victims.

George Dolhai, Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions said today: “We are a multicultural society where everyone must be free and feel secure in exercising all of their rights, including the right to gather and pray. As with all terrorist activities, an attack on some Canadians is an attack on all Canadians and their sense of security.”

The Public Prosecution Service of Canada is a national organization responsible for prosecuting offences under federal jurisdiction in a manner that is free of any improper influence and that respects the public interest. The PPSC is also responsible for providing prosecution-related advice to law enforcement agencies across Canada.

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