Delegation to Paralegals

Delegation of the Director pursuant to subsection 9(1)
of the Director of Public Prosecutions Act

  1. I authorize employees of the Public Prosecution Service of Canada holding the position of paralegal to act for or on my behalf in the exercise of the power to initiate and conduct prosecutions pursuant to paragraph 3(3)(a) of the Act.
  2. Paralegals are only authorized to exercise this power when:
    1. The applicable provincial or territorial legislation and court rules allow paralegals to exercise this power; and
    2. They act further to the instructions of the Chief Federal Prosecutor or their delegate.
  3. Nothing in this delegation authorizes paralegals to act for or on my behalf to initiate a prosecution or take a specified step in a prosecution in circumstances where the Criminal Code or any other Act of Parliament requires the express consent or approval of the Attorney General of Canada or the Director of Public Prosecutions.
  4. When acting pursuant to this delegation, paralegals must comply with all applicable guidelines and directives contained in the Public Prosecution Service of Canada Deskbook.
  5. This delegation takes effect immediately, for all persons who are currently appointed as paralegals, and takes effect on the day a person is appointed as paralegal, in all other cases.

Signed in Ottawa, in the Province of Ontario, this 25th day of March 2022.

(Original signed by)

Kathleen Roussel
Director of Public Prosecutions and
Deputy Attorney General of Canada

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