BRAMPTON, Ontario – April 15, 2008 –The Public Prosecution Service of Canada today stayed proceedings in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice against four individuals who were arrested in June 2006 as part of Operation Osage. The PPSC obtained recognizances under section 810.01 of the Criminal Code in respect of three of these individuals. The recognizances, also known as peace bonds, are in effect for a 12-month period. The PPSC is not contemplating any further proceedings against the fourth individual at this time.

Publication bans regarding this matter have been ordered and continue to be in effect. They relate to the ongoing prosecutions and any facts underlying the order of the Court imposing the recognizances. These individuals will be subject to very strict terms and conditions for a period of one year, which is the maximum period allowed by law for such a measure.

Eleven individuals remain charged in this matter, including ten adults, and are the subject of ongoing proceedings.

The PPSC believes that the public interest is best served by proceeding in this manner.



Dan Brien
PPSC Communications

Media Relations

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